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At Krivco Consultants Ltd we provide efficient and cost-effective project management.

Organisation is key to project managing. Hiring a project manager will contribute to the success of any kind of construction work. Whether you are renovating, building, adding an extension or making other improvements to a property, organisation and planning are key elements. 


A project manager is a professional who oversees the whole home improvement project. They deal with planning, design and conception and completion – making sure that the entire process runs smoothly. It is common sense that you should spend as much time planning a construction project as you do actually completing the work, so attention to detail, organisation and communication are key skills a good project manager will possess.

Project managing is all about organisation, getting all the background information and looking at every area of the work. A project manager/contract administrator will have to deal with health and safety issues, administration, time scales, dealing with contractors and checking the work that has been done.

What does being a project manager entail?

  • Working with the client to find out exactly what they want and agreeing a brief for the work
  • Working out the costing by finding the best prices for labour, materials and fittings
  • Appointing contractors
  • Contracting procedures
  • Advising the client on legal and environmental concerns
  • Advising the client about any building regulations

Contact us for more details and/or fixed fee project management service.

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